Fronam's Diary
Fronam's Diary

A peek into my life and my purpose behind starting fronamsdiary

“An abnormal girl with a crazy sense of humour. I’m love sunsets (sunrise or sunsets for you?) snow-capped mountains and waterfalls. My dream is to visit Kashmir and I’m hoping to make it a reality soon

Hi, I’m Rona! Well, that’s my middle name. Femmy is my first name and Marques is my last name. Out of these complication, Fronam’s Diary was born!

I’ve started fronamsdiary to encourage you to pursue your dreams and to get motivated from you to achieve mine.

Fear is the number one thing that’s stopping me from fulfilling my dreams. I’m working to turn my fears into strength and live my life. What’s the one thing that affects you the most?

Weird Facts About Me

I don’t know to swim. Currently taking classes and I’m a complete disaster at it.

I’m 30+, asian and not married even though my family has been after me since I turned 21. My biggest achievement till date. If you’re asian ‘you’ know what I’m talking about.

I once swallowed 6 sleeping pills and I still couldn’t sleep.

I love dancing. If you come across someone who’s throwing crazy moves on the streets ♥ that me

Don’t be shy to say hi, I’m just a message away or you can always e-mail me ⇒ and I’ll get back to you as soon as.

♦ Stay Happy, Work Smart and Keep Dreaming ♦


  • Little corners like this 🚏🚙 #prettycitylondon 💙
  • I'll take the small one please 🛶 ----------
What adventures have you got planned for the #weekend ?
  • Sunset, farm, horses, tractor....this is 'my happy place' 💕
What makes you HAPPY?
  • This is the first time I've come so close to a horse 🐎 
We kept stalking each other and took it in turns 😜
  • The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams 🚀 Are you living it? ----------------
#DHL cargo plane all geared up for landing @heathrow_airport
  • When you find a zen of a place amidst @heathrow_airport hustle 🐎🍃