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Not Your Normal Afternoon Tea | Sketch London

Not Your Normal Afternoon Tea | Sketch London - Fronam's Diary

Afternoon Tea at sketch london

Afternoon Tea at Sketch London has been on the radar ever since I stumbled upon photos of their toilets on Instagram.

(Instagram has been a great source of inspiration. From discovering quirky places to motivating me when I feel low. It’s definitely had more of a positive influence in my life. For sure, there has been moments where I’ve felt insecure looking at all the pretty pictures people post but I’ve been trying to focus on the positives).

The place is as weird on the inside at the display on the outside. It’s not your normal afternoon tea. The experience at Sketch London is abnormal and out of this world.

Sketch London

I love my morning tea and I love it milky. No compromises on sugar nor milk ♥ I feel like coffee is taking over the world by storm because all I see is #coffegram. Are you a Tea or a Coffee person?

I’m not big on afternoon tea but I strongly believe there are some things you gotta try once and ‘Afternoon Tea at Sketch London‘ is one of them.

The place is quirky, crazy, weird, funny and insane. The sketches on the wall are weird as hell. If you are looking for a twist to the normal traditional afternoon tea then, Sketch London is the place to be.

Furniture of Sketch London

This was a birthday gift to my dear friend who is abnormal like me and loves desserts and everything that is sweet.

The place tends to get busy so make sure you book in advance. I tried several times and eventually gave up. Fortunately, before the big day and voilà a slot had become available so I grabbed it.

If you want something, you gotta work for it

The interior is at its best. Every corner is different to the other. The people, the decor, the style (talking of style, no shorts allowed guys so be smart casual), the food, everything is top-notch. It’s like you’ve been transported into a different world.

Entrance to the gallery and diner

We overheard a conversation between a grandmother and her little grand child where the little one mentioned her highlight were the toilets. We couldn’t stop laughing. 


These are the much hyped toilets of Sketch London.

Pink Piano

I picked Darjeeling tea and boy I couldn’t stop drinking. I finished 2 teapots which meant I had to keep running to the toilet which is not a bad thing at all. After all people were spending more time in the toilets having a photo session then in the actual Gallery.

Caviar, Cheesy Toast and Quail Egg

Sandwiches and Desserts

Did i mention that there was live music? Sipping tea, devouring scrumptious cakes and sandwiches to the sound of live violin music in the background sounds like a perfect afternoon to me.

The pictures are grainy and don’t do any justice. You have to visit this place to believe it.

Variety of Cakes

Afternoon Tea at Sketch London is a little heavy on the pockets but its hard to resist.

We went for standard afternoon tea and paid £131.50 (for 2 people). There was enough food for the two of us and every flavour was different to the other. The portions and filling were perfect (though I would have loved to have a bigger portion of cheesy toast lol) and the desserts were light, fluffy and not sickly sweet.


Have you been to Sketch London? If yes, how was your experience? If not, is it on your list?

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