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How I Deal With Anxiety | 7 Simple Tips For You To Try

How I Deal With Anxiety | 7 Simple Tips For You To Try - Fronam's Diary

There are times when anxiety gets the better of me. It makes me feel useless and it sucks. Things get so bad that my self-esteem hits rock bottom.

Last time I spoke about living with anxiety and the trigger points. Today’s post is all about dealing with anxiety and the things that help me keep it under control.

You are not going to master your life in one day. Just relax.

Master the day, then just keep doing that everyday. 


When I’m having an anxiety attack, my breathing is all over the place and I start feeling dizzy.

Taking in long deep breaths helps me relax. Focussing on the breathing cancels all distraction. I try to do this at least for 5 minutes everyday.

When your mind gets flooded with thoughts, pause and take a deep breath.


Watching Sunset 

“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”
― Crystal Woods

It’s my favourite thing to do. I’m a sunset lover and the sight is pure magical, calming and peaceful at least for me. Watching the sun set transports me to a magical land with a bright smile on my face. What’s your favourite hobby?



Don’t know about you but flowers are my mood liftersThey instantly put a smile on my face. 



This is my latest addition and so far it’s had a positive influence on my life.

I try to meditate for at-least 10 mins daily. I also listen to Nepali tribal music as part of my meditation process. It’s soothing, relaxing and calming which helps me control my anxiety attacks.

Do you use any Apps? I’ve been using: Headspace and Calm are my favourite apps but was wondering If you guys can recommend something else? 



I strongly believe that our mind controls everything. So, it’s necessary to feed our anxiety filled mind with some positive thoughts.

Starting my day with affirmations helps me get into positive mood and have a good day. No matter how great the negative feeling is, I try to combat it with my positive energy.

It’s not always easy and there are times I end up giving up. But honestly speaking I’ve never felt this good about myself.

When things get too much, I take a step back and do a 3 minute breathing exercise (point 1.) where I concentrate fully on my breathing.

Give it a try and let me know if it makes any difference to you.


Bath or shower

Shower it is for me. Definitely helps relax those tensed muscles. 



Sometimes talking about our fears or things that bother us helps. Bottling things inside makes it worse but sharing it with the right person is important as well. 

Talk to your best friend or your partner. I’ve noticed that sometimes all we need is an ear to listen and a heart to understand.


You may be doing this already or you may have a different way of dealing with your anxiety. Whatever it is, I hope it makes you feel better. If you have any tips please don’t feel shy to share it with me.

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