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My Goal Had To Be Realistic & Positive

My Goal Had To Be Realistic & Positive - Fronam's Diary

My goal is to explore new places and that's exactly what i'm doing

My goal is to be happy in life and that happiness lies within me but I fail to recognise it.

I don’t believe in having new year resolutions because I always break them. I love having a goal or setting out targets for myself. They are termed as positive changes because the word itself motivates me to keep working hard and achieve my goal.

My dream is to travel and explore, what’s yours?

happiest when closest to nature

To be able to accomplish my dream, I have to be realistic and practical. I cannot get carried away neither can I afford to go abroad all the time but that doesn’t mean I cannot travel, right?

For me, travelling means exploring new places, discovering nooks/corners that I haven’t stumbled on. I had to make the most of the available resources rather than concentrating on things I don’t have. This is exactly how I’ve been working and so far it has only given my happiness, satisfaction and confidence that I’m heading in the right direction.

Believe in your dreams and work hard to achieve your goal

It’s definitely not easy staying positive all the time when you have social media to distract you. But, I gotta focus on my progress and not get swamped into fantasising somebody else’s dream.

Opportunities keep knocking our door. Are we ready to seize them or are we looking for excuses?

be yourself cuz everyone else is taken

This year the goal is to explore what’s closest to me and so far I’ve been doing well. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel. Happiness lies within us but we fail to recognise it.

My latest discovery is this hidden corner in West London. It’s right next to Bulls Bridge Tesco, sandwiched between Southall and Hayes. I’ve shopped at this place so many times but somehow missed it. Maybe the timing wasn’t right 😛

Mother Nature has the power to heal your pain

The second goal has been to explore my wardrobe and put together outfits which has barely received any love. I’m trying to save some money so if you have any money-saving tips, please don’t be shy to share them.


KenzoxHM sweatshirt with frill details

This KenzoxHM sweatshirt is such a statement piece and the colour screams summer. I’ve only worn it once that too on my birthday so it was time to make another appearance. Love how the jungle team all came together. I feel like the setting was made for this outfit, do you agree?

wearing my KenzoxHM sweatshirt

Make the most of what you have!

What I’m Wearing

Sweatshirt: KenzoxHM

Shoes: Primark (old)

High Waist Jeans: Primark (in blue)

Bag : Primark (similar)

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An asian adventurous girl whose 'dream is to travel' through Northern India -countries, places, anything connected to Himalayas especially Kashmir (considered to be one of the most dangerous places yet a paradise on earth). The mentality that 'Marriage is the answer to every problem' should be flushed out of our mind.

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  • So much has been explored yet there's so much still hidden 😍
L O N D O N you're full of charm and character 💜
  • Working on appreciating what I have right NOW 🙏🏼💜.
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