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Day Trip To Dover Castle From London | Tips That Will Actually Help You

Day Trip To Dover Castle From London | Tips That Will Actually Help You - Fronam's Diary

Views from Dover Castle

When the curiosity to see a new place ended up into a day trip adventure to ‘Dover Castle’.

The journey from London St Pancras to Dover Priority Station took about 1 hour 35 minutes and costs us £79.80 (2x return tickets on javelin at any time). Once at the Station, the steep walk to Dover Castle is about 15-20 minutes. There’s also a bus service available but we decided to walk to the castle.

We were clueless how huge this castle was and that, we were gonna end up spending the whole day here. My impromptu adventure to Dover Castle meant I wasn’t prepared for this trip and there’s few things I discovered the hard way.

Leave Enough Time: Dover castle is huge and when I say huge, it’s around 620 metres.  A whole day wasn’t enough to see the entire place.

Roof Top terrace views of the castle

Wear Comfortable Shoes: As YOU WILL BE WALKING A LOT, try to wear comfy shoes. My feet were hurting so bad that I ended up walking barefoot (no lies) and embarrassed my friend (hehe…that’s what best friends are for, right?).

Carry A Bottle of Water: There are a lot of steps to climb and everything is uphill. So, carry a bottle of water.

Entry Ticket: Entry to Dover Castle costs £19.40 pp & £21.40 with gift aid. English Heritage members enter for free. A little expensive but worth every penny.

A War tank overlooking the port of dover

the White Cliffs overlooking the Port OF Dover

Free Guided Tour: Not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure about this tour but glad that I went for it. The tour is a great way to see, learn, hear and most importantly feel the effects of WWII. Discover the role Dover Castle played and how it became ‘The Key To England’. There are photography restrictions so beware of that. You don’t want to miss this tour. Leave enough time to avoid long queues.

confession room at the Royal Court of King Henry II

Visit the Royal Court of King Henry II: Located within the great tower of Dover Castle is the royal court of King Henry II. The vivid shades of red and blue transforms the royal chamber making you feel a part of the era.

The oldest lighthouse

The Roman Lighthouse (Pharos): Don’t leave without paying a visit to the oldest lighthouse in the country.

St Mary In Castro Church

Bonus Tip: Next to the lighthouse is this Anglo-Saxon church of St Mary In Castro. If you’re an iPhone user, you will understand my pain. My phone battery was flat and I desperately needed to charge my phone. This is where the church came to the rescue once again. 

The sun setting on the port of dover

These were the main problems I encountered on this trip. What about you? Have you been to Dover Castle?  If yes, do you have any tips or stories to share with us?


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