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Mother’s Day: This Is My Story, What’s Yours?

"Mother's Day: This Is My Story, What's Yours?"

I was going to jump on the bandwagon and do a ‘Mother’s Day‘ gift guide post but decided to do something different. I thought of writing about how I have been celebrating Mother’s Day all these years.

My Mother's Day Story
Grainy & black and white, that’s my life!

To be honest, I had never even heard of Mother’s Day. Growing up in a tiny village in south-east India, the only thing celebrated was teachers and children’s day. So, when I moved to UK with my family, It was very difficult to digest all these days (there’s too many of them). It’s only when our parish priest started distributing tulips and daffodils to celebrate mum’, I started to understand what mother’s day is all about.Celebrate mothers' every day

My mum is a very difficult person to get a gift for. I always struggle because no matter what I buy she will always find something to criticise. But the one thing she does like is 24k Indian gold jewellery (but there’s a story behind this. Maybe, I’ll write about it some other time).

I make a card or write a small note (it’s a lot easier than telling her face to face lol. You may wanna give it a try) to tell her that I love her. I love giving flowers (because I feel they can instantly brighten up the mood) and I will either give her money (because she always spends money towards household expenses) or gift her a ring or a necklace. I need to make her a ‘MUM‘ gold ring because she asked me once and every year I forget (shame on me right? it’s okay, I know lol).

By the way, I don’t even know what I’m giving her this Mother’s Day, any suggestions? Have you guys decided on your gifts? I would love to hear your mother’s day stories or any incident that is special to you. 

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