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Sharing My First Road Trip Experience

Sharing My First Road Trip Experience - Fronam's Diary

January 2016, I embarked on my first ‘road trip‘ with my cousins and my adventurous uncle. I had travelled to India to visit a dear friend (who was ill) and to spend the New Year with my family in Mumbai. Travelling solo meant I had no one to tell me what to do and what not to do. Best feeling ever when you can make your own decisions and do whatever you want. A freedom that is rarely bestowed upon some asian girls and boys for that matter.

Road trip in India

Our faces don't really translates the excitement of our very first road trip

All of us were excited (you can clearly see the excitement on our faces lol) and set out early morning after having breakfast at my uncles residence in Vasai. Our road trip was going to take us through some of the most beautiful places Maharashtra and Gujarat has to offer with our final stop being Daman and Diu. A union territory sandwiched between these two states.

All of us have grown up watching Hindi movies, so it was only fitting that we started our journey reminiscing and singing good old Bollywood songs.

This was followed by random game of telling a story. One of us had to start with the first sentence and others had to join in. We all had to make up a sentence each. The story began with a king and a queen and ended up with the queen marrying a frog. I’ll let you figure out what happened to the king (try it next time you go on a road trip and see what you end up with lol).

Beautiful Desi views of a local truck and a hill on our Road Trip in India

Loved these vintage carriers we came across on the road.Came across this vintage carriage on our road trip









Our first stop was Silvassa in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Another union territory lodged between Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The Butterfly Park in Silvassa India

Sneaking a quick picture before we get kicked out of the parkIt was our bad luck that this beautiful park was closed. But the naughty kids that we are including my uncle, we entered the park because the gate was not locked and started clicking photos. However, the session lasted seconds with us getting kicked out lol

I'm trying hard to have a conversation with a goat but failing miserableI tried to have a conversation but she (let’s just assume that the goat is a she) was not in a mood. Probably, she got kicked out too. I forgot to mention, this goat actually chased my cousin as she tried to say hello lol. Instead of helping her, we were laughing our hearts out. That’s what families do in times of need right?

I and my cousin take over to welcome our remaining squad to Silvassa India

Make way for the cows.

We wait while a herd of cows cross the road in India  School kids sit in line to have an meal during their lunch break and shyly smiling for the camera

Meeting these schools kids was one of the highlights from this road trip. They have the most beautiful smile and the determination to learn, something that we can learn from these pure innocent souls.

All smiles when posing with the school kids of Silvassa on my road trip

I wanted to spend more time with these adorable munchkins but this was a day road trip, so we had to get moving. While on our way to the next, stop I and my cousin (with total support from my uncle) decided to sit on the window of a moving car and film ourselves. We nearly lost the mobile while trying to do this and one of my cousin was freaking out inside the car lol.

I always wanted to try this and finally that wish came true (I will upload the footage on the Facebook page so don’t forget to check it out).  Sometimes you have to take risks to achieve those dreams.

Sitting on the Window of a moving car on my road trip.

The next pit stop was the Daman Ganga River. Time was against us so we didn’t get to explore too much but I wasn’t leaving without a memory.

Views of the Daman Ganga River which meets the Arabian Sea

kids from a rural village near the Daman Ganga River drawing water

Joining in with the local kids helping draw water using a hand help water pump

I grew up in a tiny village in Goa, India before moving to UK and seeing these kids brought back memories. Obviously, I had to join them.

Getting kissed by the sun on ur way to Gujarat in India

Time to move on to our next destination, Vapi Gujarat.

A funeral bus we came across on our road trip in India

I got so excited and curious when I saw this vehicle and like a proper tourist started taking pictures. But, soon realised that it was a funeral bus and slowly put my camera away. That was embarrassing 🙁

A evening spent in a church at Vapi Gujarat

We stopped by this beautiful church which had a school playground at the back where boys and girls were playing football. But I was interested in other activities.

Engaging in kids activities at Vapi Gujarat IndiaMe being the kid at heart playing on a kids slide in Vapi Gujarat Me and my baby cousin taking a much needed break on the swing of a school Campus in Vapi Gujarat

I will forever be a kiddo at heart, you agree?

The last and final stop was Daman and Diu. A coastal union territory and a former Portuguese colony, I felt like I was in Goa.

The sun setting views of a coastal village in Daman and Diu

The ruins of the Dominican Monastery in Daman and Diu

The last place we visited was the ruins of this Dominican monastery. Such a beautiful place and comes to life at night (lol, just kidding). Oh and we nearly gate-crashed a wedding but we had to head back to Vasai (where we started, which is like 134 kms away) so we decided to skip the wedding, maybe next time.

My road trip squad in Daman and Diu


Making memories with my road trip squad. This road trip was a blend of new memories while reliving the old and I couldn’t have chosen a better squad. My first road trip experience was imperfectly perfect and one that I will cherish forever.

If you are thinking of taking one, just go with it and think later. If you have been on one, whats your favourite road trip memory?

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