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When ‘Whatever’ Changed My Feelings Towards Bomber Jackets

When 'Whatever' Changed My Feelings Towards Bomber Jackets - Fronam's Diary

This bomber jacket describes my feelings perfectly when it comes to the weather right now; WHATEVER! Who feels the same?

I’m always go out with no set plan when it comes to shopping or seeing places. I was in Bayswater, London just wandering as usual. I’m trying to recollect my footsteps but I haven’t got a clue, how I ended up in Zara in the first place. I strongly believe that it was destiny that brought us together.I have a love/hate relationship with Zara (mainly love) because I either walk in and drool at every piece they have and spend ages trying to justify my purchase or spend less than 5 minutes and i’m out of the store. Does it ever happen to you or is it just me?

I’ve never been a fan of the bomber jacket (don’t know why) but when I saw the back of this jacket which had ‘Whatever’ written on it, I had to buy it.

Don’t know how the obsession with the word ‘Whatever’ started but every time there’s an argument or I’m not interested in, I’ve always replied back with a one word answer and no brownies for guessing, it’s always been “Whatever, with the eye rolls”

There was no debate neither there was a justification given as to why I needed another jacket to add to my overflowing cupboard.  Because if they did, the answer was gonna be ‘WHATEVER’.

What’s the one word you’re obsessed with or is there any item in your wardrobe that sums you up in one word?


Outfit details:

Bomber Jacket – Zara (they have some cool ones starting from £9.99)

Jeans – H&M (Similar from Topshop £10 & Urban Outfitters £15 )

Crop Top – Westside – India

Shoes – Primark

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An asian adventurous girl whose 'dream is to travel' through Northern India -countries, places, anything connected to Himalayas especially Kashmir (considered to be one of the most dangerous places yet a paradise on earth). The mentality that 'Marriage is the answer to every problem' should be flushed out of our mind.

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