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Attending “Live The Adventure #LTASummit”- Was it the right decision?

Attending "Live The Adventure #LTASummit"- Was it the right decision? - Fronam's Diary

Attending #LTASummit with Louis Cole

Last year, @funforlouis announced that the Live The Adventure Club was organising a travel summit for like minded explorers to achieve their biggest travel dreams. 

I’ve always wanted to travel and explore new places since I was a kid and this passion keeps getting stronger and stronger as I age. 

When the tickets went on sale, I purchased without blinking my eye lids. I was so excited to have scored the tickets but then reality kicked in? 

I’m not a you-tuber neither have I travelled much compared to people attending the #LTASummit. You can imagine how petrified I was (anxiety levels went straight to 200). I was overthinking to a point where I had made up my mind of skipping the event. The thought of me being the only one at the summit without a channel made me sick (not forgetting that I haven’t even explored my backyard let alone travelled the world).

After contemplating for the longest time, I took the plunge. I grabbed my bags and embarked on the Live The Adventure journey.

 “If its terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it”. –  Erada

And so the adventure begins……. 


They decided to put the London gang in one room (L-R: Rayman Mufasa Krishan Clark-Varma Tim Chung). I’ve met some of the nicest and most hardworking people on this summit.

My dance partner Ashleyyyyy and yes we had a rave. You think i’m lying? Check out the #LTASummit videos especially Louis’s and Alfie Deyes 

An afternoon of sports activities. Taking our own sweet time 

My first time trying Falconry and the expression says it all. The owls are so heavy but what an experience it was to hold this creature. You certainly don’t wanna mess around with them especially when it comes to food. How many of you have tried falconry?

We climbed (which looked like mt everest especially when you are so not so fit) the hill and enjoyed the beautiful views (the relief on Stephanie’s face says it all. You should have seen my face, I was knackered).

with @funforlouis
new family
with @rayawashere
with Dave Erasmus
With @exploringwithjosh
#ltasummit crew
with laura and rachael
with the fire guy
with emma


It’s surreal to think that we were staying at the same place as Louis, Raya, Dave, Kristen, Siya, Josh, Nadine, Vagabrothers and Carrie were staying, eating breakfast and dinner at the same table as Dave. From singing songs by the fire to raving to the woodville music. From expressing our fears to sharing our dreams. From learning tips and tricks to diving into virtual reality. From listening to crazy embarrassing stories to chatting till 4am in the morning, the list goes on and on.

For me, The Live The Adventure Summit was all about living in the present moment, making the most of what I had available (I realised how little we need to survive), making new connections, exploring and making memories along the way.

I was in a different world with a peaceful mind, living the adventure away from the hustle and bustle from the city with almost a non existence wifi connection which was the best thing that could have ever happened –  “a blessing in disguise”.

The whole trip was full of first time moments for me and had I not decided to attend the #LTASummit I would have missed out on the best opportunity life had thrown my way. However, the fire within me to travel and explore kept the spark going and that one small decision to attend the Live The Adventure summit proved to be the best decision ever. 

I am not the same person anymore. There’s definitely something that’s changed within me. I don’t know what it is. All i know is that I wanna chase my dreams, work hard towards my goals and make every single one of them possible because I know I can.

It’s crazy that one small decision that we make can change the entire story, our whole journey. Sometimes, we make those decisions because we think its right but there are times when fear, anxiety or doubts takes charge of those decisions and we succumbed to these fears. 

“One day you will wake up and there wont be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now”.  – Pablo Coelho

It’s time for you to Live The Adventure!

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An asian adventurous girl whose 'dream is to travel' through Northern India -countries, places, anything connected to Himalayas especially Kashmir (considered to be one of the most dangerous places yet a paradise on earth). The mentality that 'Marriage is the answer to every problem' should be flushed out of our mind.

  • Great post Rona and it was so lovely to meet you ! Can you believe it’s already been a month since the summit ! I hope our paths cross again someday 😀 ! Keep living the adventure and know that you’re always welcome down here on the Riviera !

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    • Rona says:

      Awww likewise Matthew. The summit is gonna be one of my highlights of 2017 and what a way it was to start the year. We will definitely meet again for sure and I will make it a point to come to French Riviera after all it’s all about exploring and seeing new places right?

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  • Ashley Hackworth says:

    This trip definitely changed me also, I was not much of a Youtuber anymore, just a travel novice, everyone inspired me to go bigger and better now!

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