My First Road Trip

My first road trip within IndiaJanuary 2016 was the year I with my cousins and my adventurous uncle decided to go on a spontaneous road trip.

I had travelled to India to visit a dear friend (who was ill) and to spend the New Year with my family in Mumbai. Travelling solo meant I had no one to tell me what to do and what not to do. Best feeling ever when you can make your own decisions and do whatever you want. A freedom that is rarely bestowed upon some asian girls and boys for that matter.

What Have I Done With My Life?

What Have I Done With My Life? is a question we all have asked ourselves at some point in our lives and probably failed to answer it.

As I grow older I’ve stopped enjoying birthdays because everybody wants to know when I’m getting married….eye rolls. (Try to imagine this but don’t get carried away lol; I’m an asian girl, 31 years old, eldest of the siblings and my brothers have girlfriends and are ready to tie the knot.)

However,  in the last 2 years, I’ve started enjoying my birthday all over again (the pressure to get married still lingers but I’m trying to look pass that). I try to console myself by thinking that age is just a number.

When ‘Whatever’ Changed My Feelings Towards Bomber Jackets

This bomber jacket describes my feelings perfectly when it comes to the weather right now; WHATEVER! Who feels the same?

I’m always go out with no set plan when it comes to shopping or seeing places. I was in Bayswater, London just wandering as usual. I’m trying to recollect my footsteps but I haven’t got a clue, how I ended up in Zara in the first place. I strongly believe that it was destiny that brought us together.

My First Time in Brighton

2017 is proving to be (so far) a year of “first time” moments for me. I have been living in the UK for 15 years now but never been to Brighton (I hope i’m not the only one).

You may remember from my previous post that I was in Lewes for the LTA Summit and considering Brighton is just 30 minutes away, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to tick Brighton off the #bucketlist.
From visiting the famous Brighton Pier that everybody talks about to eating Fish and Chips to visiting the Royal Pavilion were some of the things I wanted to do. Do you think I managed to achieve this?

Hi, My middle name is Rona and first and last initial is FM (like FM radio) in that order. Complicated you say? well my whole life has been. Out of these complication, FRonaM was born!
  • I'd learned that some things are best kept secret.
Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

What do you think?
  • It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot 🌞 and the wind blows cold 💨When it is summer in the light 💥and winter in the shade ❄️ Charles Dicken
  • Everybody expresses their love differently🇬🇧
  • The flower doesn't dream of the bee 🐝 it blossoms and the bees come 🌸 #foodforthought
  • When you #stumbleupon a place that matches with your #outfit 🌴⭐️🖤 #explorer
  • Bananas anyone 🍌🌴? #roadtripmemories